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Phew! A better year then the last. For those born in the year 1977, despite frequent obstacles in most endeavors, you can reach a new peak if you work hard without slacking and be flexible in accepting new situations. Bad relationships with peers - or with family members and neighbours, in the case of those born in 1941 - can have adverse effects on your financial fortune.


WORK This is not the right time to change jobs or pursue new careers. Be careful not to overspend or you may incur losses. You may also be under a lot of pressure. However, Snakes born in 1965 are the exception - your career appears to be well under control, and will reap rich rewards. Just keep business-related secrets to yourself as these secrets can develop into various career opportunities for you. Younger snakes born in 1989 lack concentration this year and may not want to study - but try to keep up with your schoolmates.


MONEY There will be a stable income this year. However, for those born in 1929, fortune is not ideal. There will be conflicts and arguments over money. If you were born in 1941, be careful of fire or burglaries at home.


HEALTH Overwork and high stress may cause insomnia and heart problems - especially for male snakes. Eat proper meals and exercise more - any exercises or treatments that help to relax your mind and body (like tai chi or aromatherapy) are of special benefit to you. Those bon in 1953 will enjoy a year of good health.


LOVE and FAMILY Married snakes have a fairly stable relationship and enjoy a close family life. And singles may meet their partners this year! However, you should remain calm generous - especially since there will be competitors in the game - or the romance will not work out.


Compatible love partners : Rooster, Dog, Ox

Not compatible in love : Pig

Compatible in business : Rooster