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It  a good thing Ox are stubborn - you'll need to overcome quite a few obstacles this year, especially if you were born in 1961. It's better to wait for the right time than to rush into things. Take good care of the family and enjoy the support they give you this year - it will help you to brave the storms. Your friends will be a pillar of strength for you in your time of stress. Look to the older generation to bring luck to you by listening to what they tell you, especially if you were born in 1937.


WORK Be extra careful when cutting a deal in business. Don't push too hard against other people and keep yourself away from gossip. There will be obstacles in the careers of those born in 1937, so it's best to stay where you are, as this is not a good year for moving career-wise. New friends will bring luck to those born in 1949.


MONEY Not a great year - except for those born in 1925, who will have a smooth flow of fortune. Remember not to gamble and avoid giving out loans, or you may run short of money. Ox born in 1937 should avoid moving or construction. And don't listen to rumours if you were born in 1925 - you don't need the grief they may bring!


HEALTH You need to take care of yourself this year - it's not the right time to take up sky-diving or motor-racing. Beware of stomach or intestine-related problems. Pay attention to personal safety and possible injury. Younger Ox should take care of their older family members.


LOVE and FAMILY Single Ox may enjoy a flourishing love life (especially if you were born in 1973), but you'll have to go through some sorrows first. You should be honest and sincere in order to win your lover's heart. Married persons will not be so lucky, as you will quarrel with your partners easily. Learn to speak peace rather than justice.


Compatible love partner : Rooster, Snake, Rat

Not compatible on love : Goat, Rabbit

Compatible in business : Rooster